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Insights / Data & Analytics

Insights / Data & Analytics

Measuring and reporting is a key aspect of successful content strategies.

We have access to Fairfax audience and insights data, TEG data, and Nielson and Emma sources which we can leverage for content marketing strategies. We know which tools to use when, and access Hitwise, Google Analytics, Omniture and Site Catalyst, Buzz Sumo, Simple Reach, Business Manager, Keywee, Spike, Hotjar, Crazy Egg, Klout, True Social Metrics, Brand Snob, Google Trends, Google Adwords, SEM Rush, Site Analyser, Screaming Frog and more.

We have also developed and extensively tested our own content measurement tool which we use across our businesses and for brands to test the power of content in attracting, engaging and converting audiences.

Fairfax’s The Power Index allows us to measure the true value and ROI of content, weighting traditional metrics such as traffic, engagement and conversions and allowing us to measure how your content performs across these metrics. This means we know what content you should edit, commission and remove across your site and allows us to conduct extensive content audits across your owned media channels.

Made by Fairfax has data insights built into the measurement of all content campaigns. Based on your KPIS and marketing objectives, we deliver regular, detailed reports to measure the value of your content marketing efforts. We also have the ability to commission custom research reports about your brand across the entire Fairfax Network.

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