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Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Measurable, engaging, relevant. The Made by Fairfax approach is simple: use audience data + produce engaging content. We know what works. We know how to monitor and grow audience, what platform to use, how to make the content interesting and engaging, and how to adapt content across markets.

Our content strategists use world-leading analytics and measurement tools, audience data and insights and editorial expertise to create innovative content solutions for brands.

We are the business leaders in digital content, ensuring we deliver clear results, with a team of project managers working with clients to regularly monitor and report our success-based, end to end approach. This is something we don’t compromise on – one point of contact, always on, regularly available and working with brands: measuring, updating, analysing, delivering success.

We have a network of 1,000 contributors – the best in their field in Australia and the world, from business and finance to science and technology, to travel, health and lifestyle and more – producing high-quality content that people want to consume.

We are not in the business of creating content that doesn’t engage: we spend time making sure the content idea is original and interesting, and the work is good quality and relevant. We produce podcasts, videos, infographics and interactives, webinars, white papers, blog posts and influencer content, photographic series and long and short form articles.

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