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Content Audit

Content Audit

Fairfax Media was the first Australian publisher to go online, the first to go digital-first and mobile-first and has the biggest digital masthead in the country.

Content audits have been crucial to our growth. Across our many news and lifestyle brands, we’ve been on a defining digital journey: to get there, we have audited and analysed, tested and learned, changed and grown. We’ve made mistakes, and we’ve learned from them – all learnings we use at Made by Fairfax to audit, curate, produce and manage a digital content strategy to grow traffic, engagement, and conversions for brands.

Websites need constant updating to grow engagement and conversions, our content audits are based on data insights and editorial expertise around what makes content work, including storytelling, SEO, and design.

We have also developed and extensively tested our own content measurement tool which we use across our businesses and for brands to test the power of content in attracting, engaging and converting audiences.

Fairfax’s The Power Index allows us to measure the true value and ROI of content, weighting traditional metrics such as traffic, engagement and conversions and allowing us to measure how your content performs across these metrics. This means we know what content you should edit, commission and remove across your site and allows us to conduct extensive content audits across your owned media channels.

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