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Case Study Details

The idea

There was an opportunity to show the entertainment industry that Stage and Screen have their finger on the pulse: not just when it comes to providing the most professional and insightful service for their clients’ travel needs, but when it comes to what’s on in the industry.

To help Stage and Screen start a dialogue with their customers, positioning themselves as the experts that they are, MADE helped produce the stories that their clients wanted to know and tell, using broader interest stories to demonstrate that Stage and Screen truly live and breathe the industries they represent.


The execution

MADE knows that content drives conversations; so for Stage and Screen our response aimed to enable them to lead and be a part of that conversation. We wanted to give them a voice, empowering them and demonstrating that they understand and they are relevant.

From what was a fragmented comms strategy, MADE suggested one centralised customer-centric strategy that gives the account managers a voice and a tool to further connect with their customers.

Our strategy was all about ‘From the Industry. For the Industry’. We knew that Stage and Screen had a unique proposition as all their staff are from the industry they work in. Therefore, if we could harness the power of their own experience we could provide Stage and Screen a unique voice and one of authority. We could create content that would get their audience coming for the content, but then sticking around for the conversation.

MADE proposed a three month Content Partnership trial where we would test various forms of content across their core customer categories with abbreviated versions supplied for social platforms. Content would be strategically formulated based on a combination of science (data-led insights) and art (editorially-led insights). This trial would then form insights that would feed a longer term content strategy.

The result

Success was a multi-channel solution delivered in a phased approach, first identifying the low hanging fruit whilst plotting the longer term content strategy.

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