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Case Study Details

The idea

Big Mountains. Big Nature. Big Scenery.

These are the first things that come to mind for most Australians when they think about Canada; and even though a Canadian holiday is on their wish-list, not enough people are taking that final step to booking. Our challenge was to keep them exploring – to show them more of the experiences that Canada can offer, and turn desire into decision.

The execution

To showcase the variety of experiences that Canada has to offer, MADE worked with the team to create custom content pieces on various regions and interests.

At MADE, we believe that creating great content is only half our job, as great content has no value unless people read it. Promoting the content created was critical to increase intention to visit Canada, and we created a cross-platform promotion and amplification plan that utilised Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Outbrain, and StumbleUpon. Retargeting was then used to push trade offers to readers who had engaged with the content.

Digitally, the content lived in a bespoke microsite on, which helped readers easily access and engage with the content. This digital activity was complimented by innovative content executions across Fairfax print publications The Age, The Sun-Herald, the Sydney Morning Herald and Sophisticated Traveller.

The result

The quality of content created for Destination Canada is evident in the high engagement that this campaign achieved, with more than 100,000 page views and nearly 8000 social shares.

Case Study Visuals

Client Quote

Working with the MADE team was a great experience for us. We had a dedicated team looking after our partnership to ensure direction was clear, deadlines were met and communication was frequent, particularly with international clients.

-Donna Campbell, MD of Destination Canada - Australia

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