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Simon Smith

Managing Director

Simon is charged with leading MADE, Fairfax Media’s Brand & Content Studio, with a focus on credible, intelligent, innovative and meaningful content solutions for clients.

Simon has worked in Australian media for more than 25 years across commercial, marketing, editorial, radio, TV, newspapers, digital and events. He has held numerous senior positions with Fairfax Media, News Corp and PBL and is a Director of The Newspaper Works.
With his deep understanding of how content can connect brands to audiences, Simon helps clients tell their story in a more authentic and genuine way.

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Mike Thomas

Creative Director

Mike leads the creative offering across the many and varied media channels that MADE offers to clients.

Mike has led creative departments at Clemenger, O&M, McCann and Dentsu and is one of Australia’s most experienced and awarded Creative Directors. Along the way he has helped build some of the world’s most famous brands and campaigns, including ‘I still call Australia Home’ for Qantas, ‘Dougie the pizza boy’ for Pizza Hut and ‘Share the Spirit’ for Sydney’s sucsessful Olympics bid.
He is keen for clients to see that brands don’t just have to “sell to”, rather they can encourage their audience to “buy in” – creating a deeper and more emotional bond, where the customer becomes the brands best advocate.

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Kate Cox

Editorial Director

Kate runs the content creation arm of Made, managing a credible, influential and extensive network of Fairfax writers, producers, editors, photojournalists, videographers and influencers.

Kate has worked across news and lifestyle in print, digital, mobile and strategy and is the former editor of The Sun Herald. She has edited most sections of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, ran the features team for several years, and was most recently National Managing editor of Food and Drink across the business. She appears regularly as a public speaker and MC, on radio and has a regular spot on The Today Show after a decade as a Channel 7 weekly panellist.
She believes there is nothing more powerful than a good story told well.

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David Rogers

Commercial Director

David combines custom media and content creation in this important strategic role as Commercial Director at Made.

David has more than 15 years custom publishing sales experience spanning across Australia’s leading publishing houses including Fairfax, Bauer and NewsLifeMedia. He brings in-depth industry knowledge and skills in stakeholder management.
He understands that Publishers are the experts in talking to their audiences, which is ultimately what clients want to achieve from their advertising. He always makes sure he understands all of the client’s business objectives before overlaying this with creative content solutions.

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Rob Shwetz

Director, Client Strategy

Rob’s team delivers world-class strategic thinking to our agencies and clients in media, communications and content.

Powered by 20+ years of experience across media, creative and digital agencies, and the world’s first MBA in Creative Leadership, Rob has helped create some exciting changes in how people connect with brands. He also works extensively in the start-up space, having recently completed a start-up incubator through the Founders Institute in Silicon Valley.
Rob believes there has never been a more exciting time to be working in media, and whole-heartedly embraces the changes and opportunities that new technology is creating.

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Steven Suhadi

Director Commercial Product & Innovation

Steven is charged with developing new and exciting commercial products and solutions to help clients reach their customers, engage audiences, be successful, and sit at the forefront of innovation.

He is a digital native and commercial product guru, with a background spanning start-ups to big corporate organisations across countries and industries. He is a lean business specialist, with skills in growth hacking, product innovation and product management.
Steven understands that innovation is the result of careful analysis and thought; understanding customer and stakeholder needs and then purposely doing things differently to add value. He taps into his worldwide network of experts to find the latest products from around the world and adapt them for our clients.

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